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Chatmay…. ah Chatmay…. who is the mysterious Chatmay?   Well, my main to be specific.  And I was the only one on armory until someone decided to be mean and make a level 10 so there would be two.  (I’m the 85.)

Chatmay's Fave Outfit

I started my human warlock in 2004 on a RPPVP server not knowing the differences.  I ended up loving it there and running a guild and a guild alliance for two years.  We often had parties where I was known for providing lots of booze and passing out drunk (no longer happens when smashed in game, but it did then).

I made a brief stop at a RP server before landing with my husband at PVE-land.  I admit that most of my outfits sit in the bank most of the time, but I again run a guild known for being a “casual-social” guild…. so sometimes they get to come out and play for fun events.

I never really had a fleshed out RP story (shame, shame I know), but I was known for being the lock-party girl, and I was even told once that I wasn’t playing evil enough for a lock. Oh well.

I have hosted almost every “RP” or fun guild event known in game and always find it challenging to come up with new ones now since I have played for this long.  I hope to share many of these with you with screenshots if I have them still.  And I will soon be posting a history of outfits in the life of Chatmay, my favorite toon then and now.