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For spring, there are lots of outfits available in the pastel or flower-color schemes! Perfect for spring events or trolling around with your RP friends by the new gazebo in Stormwind City.


My main, Chatmay, almost always wears robes. I also have some RP dresses on my alt, Ellenoria. While spring colors are not really my favorite for Chat, I do have some outfits that meet this category (of course). Here are a few:

Hollywood Glam

Chatmay Goes Glam

I thought I would start with one of the easier items that I have obtained, the Elegant Dress.  This is the dress that you can obtain through the Noblegarden holiday event around Easter time.

To be honest, I haven’t used this dress much due to my dislike of the color pink.  However, I found that when paired with my epic Lightweight Bio-Optic Killshades and the trendy Shadowy Laced Handwraps…. I looked kind of stylin.

I am sure this could be debatable.

Festive Spring!

Festive Spring

Another pink dress… yay….?!  This one is another holiday gimme- the Festive Pink Dress

from Lunar Festival held in January-February each year. I paired my dress with the helm, Gossamer Headpiece of the Whale, which is the white version of the Scarlet Monastery Cathedral helm.

I also threw in Officer’s Formal Baton, which is a Cata quest reward item.

I was going for regal with a big stick I suppose.

Insight… (To Financial Demise)

Some people spend too much money on RP gear.  I am one of those people.  For example, let’s say you (or me) have failed to get the AQ20 hot pink robe since vanilla days of 2004. AND let’s say you (or me) have drooled over the similar dress Robes of Insight on the auction house since then as well.

So why not just buy the AH version you may ask?  Because even though they are a level 40 item…they still sell for between 500-1000g on most servers!

Like I said, I do spend a lot on RP gear, but that used to be a lot of gold.  I finally brought myself to fork it over at Christmas 2010 for a guild party.  So here is a picture of me in just the robes with Slime-encrusted Pads, a blue from WC, also equipped….(anyone else find that odd…beautiful dress….slime…. equals ?)

Anyways, this dress does make a nice spring outfit, and it’s about as formal as you can get in game.  I wish I had paired it with my bouquet of red flowers from the Valentine’s event.  That would have been sweet!


Robes of Insight on Chatmay

Other Easy Robes to Get

See Ellenoria pose, see Ellenoria preen.  Yes, Ellenoria is my boomkin, and here she is wearing her finest.       I don’t have a bank full of helms for her like I do Chatmay, so this is pretty simple:

  • The purple dress is the Lovely Purple Dress from the Love is in the Air

    Lovely Purple Dress on Ellenoria

    holiday event.  They have made this event super easy now, so you can get a       dress with your love tokens.  The color is random and comes in black, blue, purple, and red. (Chatmay has the red.)

  • The blue and brown dress on Ellenoria that I have is called specifically Sage’s Robe

    The Sage's Robe

    of Arcane Wrath.  Someone gave me this as a gift a long time ago, but apparently it is a green drop that comes in level 30-40 zones.  I picked this as a spring dress because of the blue and the slits up the leg.

  • And the easiest dress to get of all is…. White Woolen Dress.Not only does this look simple yet beautiful on most females, it is a level ONE dress.  So anyone can wear it (including men if you really wanted to- hey, I have seen it done!).  It is a crafted tailoring pattern that only takes 3 bolts of wool to make. Would go well with Red Rose offhand.


    The lamb in spring....

Manly Men

Pants and Shirt

It’s always more challenging to come up with some outfits for the guys, but believe it or not… there are spring shirts!  May I first please nominate- Lavender Mageweave Shirt!  Here it is on my rogue paired with his regular gear brown hat and some cloth brown boots.  Also paired with Tuxedo Pants, which go well with anything.

Manly Look for Spring

There is also Pink Mageweave Shirt for the brave-hearted man!  Hey, cause everyone wants the Miami Vice look again.

These shirts and the pants are all tailoring patterns that not every tailor these days has, but they are out there.  Better to have them crafted if you are on an RP server than buying them on the auction house, or you will pay far too much.

***I will be posting more RP outfits in the future.  Please leave comments about this post- I had a lot of trouble making it since I am new to wordpress…. but also leave me feedback about what kinds of outfits YOU would have listed as spring RP wear.  Thanks for reading!