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Everyone that knows me on Terokkar knows that my husband also plays.  My main is Chatmay, destruction lock.  His is Nôxåmon, protection paladin.

Just because we are married doesn’t mean we always play together… some days we go our separate ways.  I will PVP while he does his heroic runs, whatever.  But we always sit at a two-seater desk with two computers hooked to four monitors.

OK what?  Why so many monitors?

Well, like many who play World of Warcraft, we have more than one account.  And not two accounts either… we have THREE accounts, all full on characters for our main server.  (and mine is full for all servers, that’s another story)

Some people still consider us hardcore players even though we are not on as many hours as some.  This is probably because we made at one point 30 toons- 3 of each class, one each spec- to level.  Dual-spec later came out, but my husband refused to delete any toons we had leveled.

I’m not talking about piddly lowbies here either folks.  With the exception of two characters in the works because I deleted the original toons to make new ones…. (I advise not to ever do this), we have 28 toons over the level of 40.  This includes eight level 85s that we are currently gearing so we have options.  It’s all in the options people! ha ha ha

I have to admit since we triple-box some of these toons, I don’t full know what I am doing when I play the fire mage or the shadow priest.  I have hardly played them in instances or raids.  And Lord help me, I will not even touch the rogues or the warriors- that is scary stuff to me.

So once raiding and patches slow down, our eventual goal will be to max all these toons out.  I mean, hey… we already have every profession maxed multiple times so don’t be doubters here.  Not to brag, but giving an example: I can already make three truegolds per day (soon to be five) and 75 volatiles a day.  Because of this, I often say we would be the richest players on the server if we actually farmed and worked at these things.

So to celebrate our long-term WOW history/romance, I paid someone on WOW Moms to make this picture of all our toons decked out in tier gear last year:


Not the actual guild, just our toons that started it

She used WOW Model Viewer and let me pick what they would wear, whether they would have helms showing, and where they would be standing.  I also had the hunter’s favorite pets thrown into the shot.  I think it turned out awesome.

I was originally going to have this picture framed and hung into the house, but I couldn’t get the format right for the printer.  So I had it made into a mousepad and the cover of a mini-book of WOW screenshots of our toons.

How cool is that for wedding anniversary gift?