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On March 13, 2011, <The East Kingdom> held a guild fishing contest. Woot!

Fishing has never been something I wanted to do in game.  Not only is it an optional profession that you can mostly do without, it is just boring to me.  But I have known many including my husband who enjoy doing it from time to time.

I decided to revolve our fishing contest around the Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Contest, held every Sunday afternoon at 2pm server time.  So we met at Booty Bay a little before 2pm to check it out.

Fishing Quest Turn-in location

The quest givers are where we started… note they are repeating quests.  You can enter the contest more than once.   The goal of our guild contest was to be the first guild member to finish the STV requirement, which is fishing up 40 Speckled Tastyfish.  These are fished from pools around STV between 2pm-4pm server only.

Muriella was our first guildmember to 40 fish, and almost won the STV contest as well.  She probably would have if we had started at fishing locations instead of Booty Bay. 😦  So if you decide to do this contest, keep that in mind.  She finished in 25 minutes and won from the guild an Obsidian Hatchling companion pet.

Also, Wyldbyll, a late entry, caught a rare fish that gave him this reward: High Test Eternium Fishing Line. There are three kinds of rare fish you can catch from the pools during the contest time that give these kind of rewards.


Muriella Being "Griefed"

Note in this photo that opposing faction players will sometimes give you grief during the fishing contest.  Though on a PVE server, all this troll could do is try to steal from the same pool of fish.

Keep in mind, that not only is the guild fishing contest fun for some…it has its merits as well.  The STV contest is part of the Salty title if you win, plus you get rewards whether you win the STV contest or not… gold for each stack of five fish turned in can help out lower levels.

Was a fun event, although I think we had low attendance from people being burned out from fishing after the Seafood Magnifique guild achievement.