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I am guild-leader of a casual/social guild.  Many of us were on break or not raiding for whatever reason during at least part of the Lich King period of World of Warcraft.  So for the past few weeks, my guild has worked on getting two different Lich King mounts that we are missing as our “Tuesday night fun run.”

The first mount comes from Obsidian Sanctum.  It is hard to believe at this point that this raid was once difficult, but many of us remember those days fondly.  As someone who raided it every week during Lich King, it was aggravating to never win the Reins of the Twilight Drake.

So every Tuesday for two months we have mage ported to Dalaran, summoned some of our guildies to OS10, and gotten this mount for someone.  To get the mount, you have to complete the raid with all three drake adds up.  This is relatively easy with 85s.  You simply ignore the drakes and zerg Sartharion before they can get to him to help.

Of course, my luck with rolls continued with these fun runs.  I lost count of how many times we actually ran this for mounts, but I was next to last person to get the mount before ending the runs.  Here is a shot of me on this mount, which I find perfect for a lock right?

Chatmay's OS Mount

The second mount we worked to get was harder, Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player).  We partly brought this upon ourselves by doing the achievement in hard mode so we could open the Algalon fight.

Getting Ulduar10 Achievements

Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 Player) consists of thirteen different Ulduar achievements you must achieve to get the Reins of the Rusted-Proto Drake.  We completed the achievement in four runs- the first few fights we did for a weekly raid, we went back and did up to Yogg-Saron, Yogg-Saron a seperate night, then we had to reset and redo one achievement we had failed to get the first attempt.

While hard-core raiders will pooh-pooh this as a guild event most likely because they did it at level 80 or something, I found doing Ulduar again at 85 fun.  We weren’t focused on progression and numbers, just getting some achievements and having fun.

I should also point out that Yogg-Saron is still serious enough for a few attempts on hard mode at 85, so doing these kind of raids is really good practice for new raiders or new raid groups who want some experience before heading to the Cata content.

Since we had to spread our Ulduar achievements out on the calendar, only five players in the original group got the mount in the end.  But I still had fun participating, getting closer to my achievement, and helping these guys get theirs!

The Glorious Ulduar Raiders

Here they are: