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It was Halloween last year, my guild was having a huge pre-Halloween costume party.  I wanted to do something original and cool, when suddenly Bad Romance comes on the radio.  IDEA- Why not have a Lady Gaga costume?!

So I hunted for inspiration…how could I make this into a cool WOW costume?

So I first searched the internet of course… leading me to several articles online about how to dress up like Gaga for Halloween.  They all mentioned skimpy or no pants, tight-fitting or short bodice, and stylish shoes and accessories.

Then I watched the Pokerface video, Lady Gaga’s first big hit song.  There were lots of costumes in it, but two were prominent: the blue Poker Face Suit bathing suit outfit and the Black Crystal Catsuit.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the Poker Face Suit in WOW, but I thought I might be able to combine the overall look of the two in game.

Also, Gaga is known for her crazy hats if not the sunglasses.  It occurred to me that I have some pretty crazy druid helms as well.  I also turned my druid’s hair white.  So the title was born: Druid Gaga.

I went with some of the classic Black Mageweave set as well as the vest I chose to show even more skin that the mageweave chest piece.  This was the end result:

Druid Gaga!

Ellenoria, balance druid, is wearing:

Antlers of Malorne helm,

Purehorn Spaulders,

Barbaric Cloth Vest,

Black Mageweave Leggings,

and Recruit’s Boots (you can also use the Black Mageweave Boots- same thing).

I decided for the antlers over the moose horns, even Gaga doesn’t go too over the top (well most of the time).  I also used a pair of black bracers as an alternative to short black gloves, which I did not have.

Shaking it like only a Gaga can

Druid Gaga has appeared at two guild parties.  I usually hide her behind a tree and jump out somewhere during mid-party as a surprise or better late than never appearance.  At one party my guildies were even chanting- Dru-id Ga-Ga over and over…hilarious.

Now that we have so many new guild members, many of them have not seen our “mascot,” but she is due for another appearance in April.