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I hate to start my post by sounding like Ol’ Grandma, but here goes:

When I first started playing WOW in 2004, things were different.  I know you have heard these stories, but here is my reasoning… there was more accountability for the way you acted.

For example, with the current random dungeon finder mixing you with people from other servers, no one cares anymore about things like the tank who needs the caster BOE worth 2000 gold or more on your server.  In vanilla no one would even dare roll on a BOE they needed unless they asked first.  If you didn’t ask and you took something- even if you needed it- the other people in party would harrass you for days or weeks and also request that your guildleader boot you from your guild.  Why?  Because everyone knew the guild you were in and how to contact them.

I am not saying this behavior is acceptable, but during Lich King especially I noticed total lack of caring from most players.  Dungeons would go by without anyone even speaking in party chat.  Insults flying at each other or booting new 80s was rampant if there WAS any communication.  And what was once considered being a ninja is now just common loot rules- need something that drops because someone else will probably need it too is what I was told one day.

So this is kind of turning into a ramble or rant… so here is what I did.  I posted a thread on Blizzard’s WOW general forums asking- what do you consider to be polite?  What do you wish people would do that would be polite?

I got a lot of different responses, but overall it seemed that the major thing people want is communication.  Just a simple “hi” when entering a five-man as well as a “thank you” when it is over was mentioned more than once.

Here are some other ideas I had for being polite:

  1. If someone is fighting next to a gathered item, don’t take it without asking.
  2. If you are wanting gear for RP or off-spec or something like cloth for a druid, don’t roll without asking.
  3. Don’t call people names or make offensive statements just because you are having a bad hair day- especially not noob.
  4. Don’t try to tell someone how to play their toon unless they are total fail or unless they ask for help.
  5. Don’t use caps or be a bad troll.
  6. Respond to people’s questions in trade or guild with helpful suggestions, not worthless comments or not saying anything.
  7. If you leave a guild, say goodbye.  Don’t just leave without saying anything unless it is just that bad of a situation.
  8. And for heavens sake, roll greed on BOEs you don’t need people.

I am sure there are other things I am forgetting.  Feel free to mention them in comments.

I feel like you CAN be polite in game without people walking all over you.  And I consider myself a pretty polite person in game, even when frustrated.    So the way I look at it is: if a warlock can be polite, hey anyone can.