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Our guild of around 375 has been doing a guild lottery for the past four weeks.  We have a mega-lottery for mats and drops that are since cata came out.  Then we have the regular-lottery for lower level mats and drops.

In order to run a successful lottery, a couple of things have to happen:

1) You have to have a tab of your guild bank set aside for donations.  It must be cleaned out on a regular basis if donations are heavy, which means distributing the donations or moving them to other tabs.

2) You must provide a list somewhere of preferred items for donation.  This avoids junk the guild doesn’t need being put into the tab, plus it tells how many of an item must be donated for a ticket.  I base the amounts needed of each item on a common value.  For example, I might require more volatile earths or lifes than volatile airs.  Some items I just list as BOE drop- depends on value of item.

3) Set aside a realistic amount of money for prizes or make sure you have the mats coming in that you would need to craft a prize.  If the lottery isn’t paying for itself, it isn’t working well.  Right now our mega-prize is worth 3000g while the regular prize is worth a couple of hundred.  While some people think this is too much, I have had two players pass on the mega prize to let the guild keep the donations, while two other players that needed 359 upgrades were given a crafted item that we had the mats for.  The regular prize has been the only one I have been buying on occasion.

4)  Have a team that keeps a log of donations.  I log on all the time, so I am mainly doing this alone.  However, if you have a ton of donations coming in or you won’t be on all day, you need to assign people to check the bank log at a certain time each day.  Write down the player’s name that donated, what they donated, how many, and even the time if you want to get that detailed.

5)  At the end of the week, make a tally. If the player only gave partial amounts of an item, they get a partial credit towards a ticket.  I don’t round up at the end though.  Here is an example of someone who donated a lot of mining mats:

Player 1
Elementium Bar- 140/20- 7 tickets
Pyrium Bar- 18/10- 1.8 tickets
TOTAL- 8 tickets

So at the end I have a list of all who donated for the mega- and regular- lotteries that can be posted somewhere where anyone in the guild can see it.  This shows them what they got credit for as well as gives new members ideas of how the lottery works.

6) Have a roll-off.  It is impossible to get everyone online at one time that donated.  So I wait until there are lots of members on to help with it.  This also is exciting for new members and those that don’t donate because they want to know what is going on, leading to perhaps even more participation the next week.

I form a group to do the roll-off based on players I know are not busy that will help.  I look at the total tickets for each player, and then I have that player or someone in their place roll in party or raid set amount of times they were awarded.  The highest roll for each lottery wins.

Again, this is for a medium to medium-large sized guild.  I think it would be extremely difficult to do this for more than 400 players because the log only shows so many lines.  And sorry no pictures for yet another post.  I will get back to screenshots later this week.