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One night I rolled a horde alt on another server just for fun.  I somehow found myself in a new guild, and they were discussing plans to have “training classes” by upper level members in the guild for lowbies.

My guild doesn’t have many lower level toons anymore, but we have lots of 85s rolling alts.  Which means they are learning how to play classes for the first time in many cases.  So I decided that the training class might be a good idea for our guild too.

I have been promoting the events as more of a Q&A session about a certain class with a moderator who has played each spec (or more than one moderator if I can’t find that kind of player).  I have played every spec on warlock, so I decided to host a warlock class first.

We had about five or six other locks attend.  One was from another guild, but I mostly kept this for guildies only.

I first went over lock basics of each spec, and then tried opening it up for questions on vent….Silence.  But then I got the standard lock questions everyone wants to know- what is the best leveling spec, what is the best minion to use, etc.  I answered these then moved on to things like glyphing and talent tree points.

Everyone who came said this was useful, so I am already planning a death knight class and a druid class the next few weeks.  I hope we can cover all the classes by the end of May or early June.  (one class per week usually)

Here is a picture of us near the Stormwind target dummies where we met:

Locks in Force

I think this event would be best for guilds with a lot of lower levels, but there is always room to learn more about your class!