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Spring is in the air- time for a guild party!

It had been since Christmas since we had a guild party… my guild has added almost 150 more characters since then.  It seemed like definitely it was time to put faces to names, plus share in some fun games.  This one was held on a Wednesday night in April outside Stormwind City.

First our guild mascot, Druid Gaga, made an appearance.

Ellenoria As Druid Gaga

For her third guild party, I chose a lingerie-looking outfit with moose horns added: Druidic Helmet of Second Sight, Purehorn Spaulders, Murkblood Chestpiece of Strength, Sentinel Trousers of Owl, and the most awesome RP boots ever- Sandals of the Insurgent!  Yes, the sandals did cost a bit, but I think they are worth it.

This time Druid Gaga even had a macro-ed tune ready to share.  (To Bad Romance) “I want your ugly, I want your disease; But save me baby, no horde please.  I want your love, La La La Alliance Love.”  Then she unveiled the pony keg.

Spring Sundries on Chatmay

For my outfit as guild-leader, I chose something in white/creams and light blues.  It includes the white Gossamer Headpiece of Whale, Buccaneer’s Vest of Owl, Leggings of Sacred Crest– BOE from Outlands, and Zabra’s Misplaced Staff, a BOE from Northrend.

The first contest event was Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot Race.  Everyone was given a robot and told not to start it yet.  Everyone formed a circle around me, and started their robot on the count of three.  The last robot standing wins, and we played twice.  Winners were given the Deweaponized Mechanical Robot companion.

Crashin and Thrashin

The second contest event was Beat Up Your Guildmaster.  I planned this thinking most people coming were under 85 or new 85s, but it turned out to be the opposite.  I had planned on dueling in my RP gear, but since the ones wanting to duel were geared raiders, I did have to resort to my gear.  The prize was for the one who got me to lowest health, but I did end up losing two duels.  So those two players faced off to decide the winner, who was given 200g.

In hindsight for the events, I decided I prefer the first event with steam-tonk controllers because you can actually control them.  For the second event, I should have had an under 85 bracket and an 85 bracket.  Only one player under 85 entered, and I think there was some intimidation going on there.

We had about 15-20 show up during the course of events.  Those that didn’t partcipate in the contests had fun just hanging out and watching.  We were on vent and in raid chat together.