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A while back on Blog Azeroth, we were asked to write a column or imagine that someone was writing a column about our character.  I decided to do a red carpet interview with my main toons on some spiffy new outfits they are sporting.  I came up with all of these outfits recently based on new gear they have or stuff I have been collecting off the AH.  I did not stick to class required armor types (like plate for paladin)- I just matched with what looked the coolest.


Just outside a raid entrance, we caught up with these WOW chicks to see what they were wearing for the big event!  Dressed for the best, but still able to bash some heads in the meantime?  You bet!

Back in Black Baby- Chatmay

CHATMAY- 85 lock

Chatmay is wearing a frightening combination of elegance and dark magic.  Her Black Embersilk Gown is paired with Hood of the Malefic from Mount Hyjal raid.   Also paired with an odd sword for her – the Crypt Lord’s Deft Blade and Gossamer Gloves of the Owl.  In our interview with Chatmay, she thanked her designer with a, “Hee-ya!”

Hammer Time- Ellen

ELLENORIA- 80 druid

Ellenoria is going gaga-less for the red carpet, instead opting for a traditional druid look.  She is sporting Aerie Headpiece of the Invoker, Sentinel Breastpiece of Owl, Mighty Armsplints of Monkey, Pants of Living GrowthScytheclaw Boots, and a 2h mace- Algaz Battle Hammer of Bear.

Ellenoria says glam isn’t always the bees-knees, and sometimes it’s best to honor Elune.

MAGDAKINE- 85 shaman

Stylin in Cool Colors- Mag

Magdakine offset her black hair with the whitish-gray Shamanistic Helm of Second Sight and Emberfire Robe with Burden of Lost Humanity shoulders, the 1h axe Nighttime, and the shield Dragonheart Flameshield (which breathes fire).

Asked if there was any other reason she wore cooler colors, she explained, “I have a bit of the blahs…I’m only here because Chatmay was saved.”

PHILLIPA- 85 paladin

Retribution paladin Phillippa made a galant effort to top Chatmay’s outfit by putting together these pieces: Stonewrought Helm of Bouldercrag, Adamantite Breastplate, Scavenger Bracers, Stoutwaist Girdle, Leggings of Lost Child, and weapon Sorrow’s End.  While her weapon was an amazing accessory, she kept it tucked behind her saying, “The weapon doesn’t make the paladin.”

You Looking At Me?- Phil