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With the red heat of summer approaching even Azeroth, I took a look in Chatmay’s closet at her favorite dresses in the shade of red.  I paired each outfit with a new staff – I have been winning a lot of them in old raids the guild has been doing.  Here is what I came up with as I pondered in the empty city of Dalaran:

Front View of Pulse-Staff

OUTFIT 1- Space Maiden

Crystalheart Pulse-Staff from Magtheridon’s Lair
Robe of Volatile Power from Molten Core
Aurora Cowl

Side View

Showing some elegant skin

















OUTFIT 2- The Elegant Snob

Robe of Doan from SM
Whitemane’s Chapeau from SM
Nemesis Boots from BWL
Rod of the Blazing Light from Magister’s Terrace

Shady Warlock Dealer





OUTFIT 3- Red Pinecone Lady

Crimson Felt Hat from old Stratholme
Buccaneer’s Robe of Stamina
Shadow Wing Focus Staff from BWL


OUTFIT 4- Exotic Doomsdaylady

Sanguine Robe
Dreadweave Hood
Gossamer Gloves
Zhar’doom Greatstaff of the Devourer from Black Temple

Most Awesome Moving Staff Ever