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Someone asked me last night- so why a guild party?  I explained that we have them every 3-4 months for fun and left it at that.  But again, a guild party is a good way to take a break from grinding as well as meet guildies you might not know so well.

So last night,  I hosted the “Guild Beach Par-tay” at a beach location just South of Caverns of Time in Tanaris.  I picked this location because of the events we did during the party as well as the scenic quality.  We mass summoned around 15 guildies to the beach.

I had asked people to come wearing a summer costume for a chance at a prize.  There were fire festival dresses, shorts, and bathing suits.  Many had on sunglasses, goggles, and spectracles.  I ended up not being able to pick a costume winner, so I gave away the Authentic Jr. Engineer Goggles to the winner of a roll.  Probably would have been a better idea to have an actual out-of-guild judge there for that part of the party.

I had announced also a “mystery prize” that had to be figured out.  For example- whoever does “X” at the party first wins the prize.  Since the activity was skinny-dipping first, I did give a hint when someone stripped that they were warmer.  He ended up winning that prize, which was 50g.

We also had held a sunset-themed screenshot contest on our facebook page, so that winner was picked by an inactive guildie and announced at the party.  The guildie received 300g as the prize.

Cat in the Sun

There was the usual guild performance by Lady Gaga.  Although her outfit was stunning (cindercloth set plus sandals and spectracles)  if I do say so myself, I think she might need to come up with some new material.  She did unveil the official pony keg though.

Gaga performance

I also handed out crafted heavy leather balls to each guildie, but during the party I forgot to have this contest.  It was supposed to be a throwing frenzy for 30secs.  I was going to give the companion pet prize of Lil’ Smoky to the guildie who received the most balls in bag, but this contest could be done in many different ways.

The major draw to the beach portion of the party was the Lemmings 310 contest.  We had all guildies fly up to a cliff, jump off and die.  The winner was the guildie who landed the farthest away.  He actually passed the prize, which was 310 riding money, to the second place person though.  This was a lot of fun, but thank goodness for mass ressurection!

Party Body Pile

We then traveled to another water area- Vashj’ir zone- to kill the whale shark!  This skull NPC must be kited while everyone kills him.  Best to run if you get aggro, and we did have some deaths.  Everyone got the achievement for it though, which is shown in the screenshot here:

After Achievement

Everyone who attended the party was sent savory deviate delights by mail as a parting gift.  Overall lots of fun!

EDIT: Mtdewme made a guild movie- the 2nd part covers this party.  If you want to see it go here.