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I got this message from Atlantaareamommies.com blog writer MadsMom:

I’d love to get some blog content from you on your gaming, how you got into gaming, the basics of WOW, your experiences with Motherhood and gaming or the other Moms who you play WOW with etc…

Here was my response:

I got into World of Warcraft in December 2004 when my husband got the game for me for Christmas. He thought since I was on the computer so much I might enjoy playing the game too.

At first I played with my husband some, but due to different hours of play and different play-styles I eventually ended up making new friends on the game and playing with them. In 2005 I even became a guild-leader for the first time, which has continued off and on since then.

For those that don’t know, WOW is a MMORPG- Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Millions of people worldwide play the game at the same time, and you interact with both them and the massive in-game world around you.
There are many things you can do in game… play by yourself, learn professions and sell things, play with others, fight the enemy players, etc. I enjoy many of these things, but I like the social aspect of the game the most. You can meet many different types of people in game of all ages, and I enjoy having them in my guild so they can interact with each other.

Some of my guild members are from a forums group on Cafemom called World of Warcraft Moms. Some of us are moms that have gaming as our major hobby, and some are moms who just pop on for an hour here and there when they have time.

I even have one mom in game who is older whose entire family is in my guild- her toons, her husband, her son, and her daughter.

My experience with moms who play the game is that we are just as good as anyone else who plays. Some men will joke that women don’t play the game… but there are a lot of us, and we are capable of outplaying them even!

I think being a mom doesn’t mean that you can’t have outside interests, and World of Warcraft is one I have enjoyed with my husband for 7 years now. I don’t know any other moms on Atlantaareamommies.com that play WOW, but we would love to have them on game with us if they were interested.