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Just a short post to tell you about another guild event you can have- Profession Night!

The idea is to share mats with guildies who need to level a profession or trade mats you don’t need for mats you do need.

Pick a day and time when your guildies can gather in front of a meeting place announced beforehand.  I usually pick Ironforge bank so people can access their personal stashes easily, and it is lower populated than Stormwind City.  I also try to make sure the guild bank is stocked up with profession mats as well before the event so people not coming can help donate mats.

You put everyone in a raid together.  The first thing you want to do is have everyone link their professions in raid so you can see what mats they need.  Then let the trading begin!

I try to make sure everyone who comes is given some kind of mats, even if it is just for first aid or cooking.  I have found that if you have about ten people show up or more, everyone should go up at least 10-15 points in their trade. 

This is a great event not only for leveling guilds with lower levels, but it is also a great way to help people who are almost maxed finish their profession out so they can help the guild more with crafting.