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My guild The East Kingdom is recruiting FOUR healers for two raid teams.

We are a casual-social guild on Terokkar (alliance).  We use WOW-Heroes as a raid requirement… score of 4800 is required for Firelands raiding- So far we have Shannox down there on our main progression team, which needs on healer.  This team was 12/12 of previous content.

We also have a new raid team that is more casual.  We will most likely be starting with older cata raids.  We need 2-3 healers.  We prefer 4000 WOW-Heroes score for that team.

Team one is 3 nights a week, 8-11p central time.  Team two will be one or two nights a week, times TBA.

We also run older pre-cata raids for fun and achievements.

Please contact me here or in-game with your info.-