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I haven’t been updating this lately, but I will give you a heads up on something that I HAVE been spending a lot of time doing in-game… trying to start a second raid team.

We have a progression/main raid team in our guild that has been raiding since Cata came out.  They are pretty successful.  But now we have a ton of 85s who also want to raid.  Easy, right?  NOOOO! lol

For several months, myself and another officer have been trying to put together a 2nd team.  Our goals are for them to get along well, and for it to be a bit more casual than the main team.   However, we still want another goal-oriented, organized group that will be doing something every week.

I have never worked on or tried to put together a secondary team of any kind in WOW.  I was told it would be hard, but I never really expected as many set-backs as we have had.

So far these are some of the things that have happened:  have lost tanks, have worked on gear for weeks only for all those people to not show up, have had entire first batch of prospects go on break or disappear from guild, had people run with us that didn’t jive with group, have lost healers.

The raid team did reform last week and had a lot of fun together, so we are trying again this weekend with the same people.  I am hoping we are finally at a good working point to start some progress.

Our guild already has the pheonix mount, etc., but we feel that lots of our members should be given raiding experience and a chance at downing bosses for personal achievements.

Feel free to comment if you have experience forming a second raid team with your advice!

More game updates: I will be doing more fun events soon, so the blog will continue (just in case anyone is worried).  I am also working on a WOW music video.