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When I was planning to shoot a WOW music video, I needed an ultra-cool location for the party/club scene.  And it had to be a good travelling distance from Stormwind City.

A fellow guildie tipped me about a party barge in Thousand Needles.  It was added with the Cataclysm expansion.  This could also be a great location for a guild party or event!

Here are some screenshots of the location as a teaser for my music video, which I should have posted to youtube by tomorrow:

Flying Into Party Barge Area

Not sure what this first room is, but it includes a bath-tub and a rocking horse:

Cleanup Area/ Fun Bathroom?

The hallway to the bar is long and includes tables of goblins and gnomes drinking it up:

What a Long Strange Trip....

Past the bar there is a dance floor and a large area full of beds (!!!)….

About Last Night....

Another shot of bed area with weird picture hanging on the wall:

Big Brother is Watching You!

Part of the new quests in the expansion include “Bar Fight!”, where you can start a bar fight here and get XP for it (requires level 38).  However, anyone can start the bar fight by buying the grog from this bartender below, then using it on a goblin (alliance side anyways) present.

Bet she is carrying a gun...

A picture of the bar fight is below.  Be aware that if you are appropriate quest level (40), the mobs WILL attack you.

Bar Fight! on the boat

Last but not least, I saw these bleachers outside on the deck… might be a good place for a guild picture or something.

Line er up!