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It only made sense that with guildies that love collecting outfits and transmogrification coming up- we should have a guild fashion show! We started promoting the fashion show early.

Here is a video I made to promote it on our guild site and explain the rules and categories.  We also talked it up in guild chat. We had seven categories for guildies to be fashionably creative with and one category for newbies to fashion:

  1. Elemental Showdown: Put together one outfit describing an element: fire, air, water, life or earth.
  2. Profession: Dress up as any in-game profession or RL profession.
  3. The Shirt: An outfit that uses a WOW shirt crafted or quest.
  4. Seasonal: Outfit that describes a season (summer, spring, winter, fall). Only one holiday item can be used.
  5. Accessory This!: Best use of a weapon, offhand, wand, companion pet, mount, or hunter pet with an outfit.
  6. I’m really horde: Dress up as a villian.
  7. Your Class Through the years: One piece of armor from each expansion that shows you are a “insert class name here” (level 60, 70, 80, 85).
  8. Fashion, Huh? : For those that are new to dressing up.
We had around seven guildies participating in the show and about that many or more in the audience.  Audience members were given Origami Beetles and fireworks to use when they really liked an outfit.

Start of the Show

Waiting Our Turn

I asked three judges from outside the guild to attend, and they judged each category taking into consideration creativing and who the audience cheered for the most.  Prizes worth around 100g were given for each category.

Taraloria won 2 categories

Guild Fisherwoman


A Fashion, Huh Winner

We then had a Best Overall, which was voted on by everyone present.  Mirhana was voted Best Overall, and she received the money for 310 riding.
Here are pictures of the categories Mirahna won:

Elemental Fire

Best Accessory

Huntress of Spring