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Today I put Chatmay’s pirate costume on and headed to Booty Bay.  Why?  Because it is Pirate’s Day!

Captain Chatmay

This event only lasts one day, and I have missed it every year.  Today I was determined to get the achievement, which is called “The Captain’s Booty.”

The Upper Deck

To get to the celebration area, go to Booty Bay in STV.  Then you go above the bank there…near the horde flight path.

All you do is talk to the Dread Captain DeMeza and…

Drinky Drinky

WHAM! You have an easy achievement and a new look!

I personally like Chatmay’s face and costume better than what I was given… here is what I used:

First Mate Hat
Amice of Brilliant Light
Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt
Captain Sander’s Sash
Astralaan Pants of the Owl
Buccaneer’s Boots of the Falcon
Crypt Lord’s Deft Blade