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Every year I try to do a Halloween costume for WOW just for fun.  This year I decided to dress as Poison Ivy from Batman using this guide as a reference.

I wanted to do this costume previously but found it hard to get all the green items I needed.  So I have been saving up for the past year to make this costume.  I am entering it in Kirina’s Halloween Costume Contest on her blog.

Someone Stinks

Items Used:

Slime-Encrusted Pads
Grovekeeper’s Drape
Fangdrip Runners
Leggings of Concentrated Darkness
Serpent Gloves
Darkmoon Dirk
Red Rose
Hibernal Armor


Sinister Squashling pet

I also tried it with Scout’s Vest as the chest instead, but I did not enter this picture due to the no duplicates rule:

More skin!