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When they first announced transmogging, my first thought was about my priest.  I thought- not only can I go back and get old gear, I can even get the avatar set!

So I went and got the helm, shoulders, and chest of the avatar set, put them on, and thought…um no.


The Avatar set is quintessential holy priest gear right?  But to me, it also seems a bit stuffy for my giggly, girlie-nightelf.

So I went and got a few other set pieces- here is my “nun look”:

ICC Helm=nun

And here is what I have of the Incarnate set:

Purple Princess

All of these are nice, but a little too calm and serene for me.  So…I have been playing around with several “looks” for trasnmogging, and I just wanted to show you that holy priests do not have to look holier-than-thou!  We can be rebel priests, rockers, or crooks.  Kind of kidding, but take a look at this and see what I mean:

Skimpy Girl

Voodoo Princess

Bandit Action

At this point, I may just keep my 378 Firelands gear on, but these looks are cool too!  If you like what you see, leave a comment or ask what I am wearing.  Oh…and if you know of any cool offhands for priests let me know.