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There are not a ton of cloth tunics floating around in game.  Since most everything that was given to us since BC has been robes, we have had the same choices since classic WOW as far as they go.

I picked three classic WOW tunics and tried to dress them up by mixing them with other sets.  These would be great for players looking for a more casual look or male casters looking for something besides skirts.

Dressing up the plain

My first set I took one of the plainest tunics, AURORA ARMOR, and I paired it with a fancy helm, Crown of Enfeebled Bodies.  I also used Godfrey’s Britches, Greatsword of Horrid Dreams, and Cape of the Black Baron.  You could also dress this up more with some shoulders or a nice belt.

In the Boneyard

For this outfit, I put a weird helm I have never even worn before, Collar of Bones, with RUNECLOTH TUNIC.  I also used bloodthirsty bracers, Emberfire Gloves, Curse-Tainted Leggings, Desert Walker Sandals, and the wand Bonecreeper Stylus.  There are skull offhands floating around as well.

Hinterlands Shot

For the last outfit, I used IMPERIAL RED TUNIC.  I paired it with Aurora Cowl, Shadowy Laced Handwraps, Dragonwing Leggings, and Thoriumweave Cloak.

I hope to do more tunic posts for other armor types in the future, but hope this helps all you cloth wearers!