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September and October have gone, but it is not too late to have a fall guild party in WOW!

My guild started out our party last night with the usual Druid Gaga kickoff.  She is our guild mascot and always unveils the party keg.  I even sang some rewritten Bad Romance lyrics about the alliance on ventrilo.

Party Hardy

After that, two guildies handed out these drinks for the Drown Your Sorrows achievement:  Darkbrew Lager and Highland Spirits from cooking; Fungus Squeezings and Murky water from Grunka in Hyjal; Sparkling Oasis Water, Fresh Water and Highland Spring Water from Allison in Stormwind (alliance); and Greasy Whale Milk from Movra in Silvertide Hollow.  Be aware that to open the vendor Grunka,  you have to have done through the Commander Jarod Shadowsong quest in Hyjal, which is pretty far into it if not completely.

For this party, I also came up with a NEW GAME… Rock/Beetle/Racer!  It is like rock/paper/scissors, but in this game: Origami Beetle beats Origami Rock, Trusty Copper Racer beats Origami Beetle, and Origami Rock beats the racer.  Each person gets one of each item to start, I counted to three on ventrilo, they laid down an item.  If there is a tie, they have to get more items and go again.   You cannot click on the person you are “dueling” or wait until count 4 or 5 to lay down your item.  We did it tournament style with last one up against the person who had the most wins, but I think if I did this again I would let the winner be the person who won the most rounds.

Everyone whispered me to vote for best costume, which was a prize of 500g.  It was a fall themed costume contest.  Alas, I did not get a screenshot of the winner, but here is what I wore last night in case you are interested:

Starting the Party Early With My Turkey Leg

Russet Hat
Vizier Mantle
Geomancer’s Wraps
Embersilk Gloves
Petrified Camel Haunch