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Instead of featuring me today, I am posting about my husband.  My husband’s main has been Nôxåmon, paladin, since 2004.  One of the top geared prot paladins on Terokkar currently, I consider him like a paladin God.  He is awesome.

He also makes awesome screenshots, so I might be featuring some of his during this month’s screenshot fest.  Either way, here are some shots made of Nox in years past:

Dancing On Airship

The Bronzebeards

Nox is a huge quest/lore junkie, and he thought being able to get a screenshot of himself with the Bronzebeard brothers was awesome.

Getting a Legendary

I went with Nox to watch him do the Thunderfury quest chain.  This is how it ends…

Your Inner What?

Nox also loved this quest because he had to fight himself.

Exalted Timbermaw?

I THINK this is from exalted Timbermaw a long time ago…not really sure.  But Nox loves making screenshots of the game telling him how awesome he is as well. lol