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When I first made my blog, I found blogazeroth.com, the blogging community for WOW bloggers.  I was able to introduce myself as a new blogger, find writing topics, and talk to other bloggers there.

So today is the 19th- the day I have been waiting for to enter the Blog Azeroth 2011 Thanksgiving Event!

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2011

This is what participants were challenged with:

– Basically What you have to do is post a topic/letter/poem/song/story or just a simple thank you note to a fellow blogger/s meaning how you appreciate their work that maybe somehow helped you grow being a blog writer you are now. Thanking them that maybe you have learned many things from that fellow blogger, someone maybe who motivates you, gives you inspiration or pretty much any way of saying thanks to that writer/blogger. it doesn’t matter how many of them you like to Thank for. And you don’t need to be tagged by someone to start your own entry, make sure to put originality to your thoughts on how you thank a fellow blogger/s.

This is the strange idea I came up with for their consideration:

So check it out and let me know what you think!  It’s a little bizzare I admit, but I can be that way at times.

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