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If only you could have all the WOW gifts you ever wanted, what would you ask for this Christmas?  I looked around online, and these are some things I found that might be of interest!

Note: None of these vendors paid me for their mentions, this is strictly my opinion/recommendation for current cool WOW gifts.

1.) Faction Print from Skahfee Studios on etsy.com.  There are lots of warcraft items to choose from on etsy, but this is a new COOL item…you can get an alliance or horde print.  The unframed print is $25, but you can get it framed for $40 (plus shipping).  This seller requires you to order by Dec. 16th for Christmas arrival.

Alliance FTW (lol)

2.) Cute murloc T-shirt.  I found the men’s shirt at Hot Topic’s website on sale.  The women’s shirt I found listed for $21.99 by Jinx.com.  Here is the pic of the men’s shirt:

Murloc Goodness

3.) WOW Reading- War of the Ancients Archive.  I am posting the link from Amazon.com because I order all my books from them so I know they have fast shipping…you can get this at any bookstore that carries it though most likely.  This is the first WOW book I have ever read, and it was EXCELLENT.  It contains three books in one set in the time of Queen Azshara.

4.) Soul Crusher Supreme Horde Necklace.  OK I am alliance, but I thought this necklace pendant was really pretty for the cost.  It’s $29.99 at Theme’s Jewelry.  They have nine available with worldwide shipping.

For the hordies

5.) Custom Made Toon Figurine by FigurePrints.  OK if I could afford it (ha ha).  These are not for the cheap, but they are awesome creations of your WOW character in a pose you select.  You can get head and neck focused or the more expensive full-sized figuring under glass.  Not sure that you can get this in time for Christmas at this late date, but if you were buying it for yourself it wouldn’t matter!  Here is an example of one:

Workin It Worgen

6.) WOW Loot Cards!  I had never even see a WOW loot card until recently when we discovered you can buy them on ebay and amazon for fairly cheap.  Here is a link to a whole slew of them at WowLootCards.com.  The mounts are the most expensive, but there are some that list as low as $5.50.  My personal request would be the Disco ball!

7.) Better quality computer headphones!  Between my previous pets and my current kids, I can’t count how many headsets I have gone through since I started playing WOW!  If I had the money, I would go for these headphones, which are padded, ergonomic, and noise-reducing.  They are by Sennheiser from Best Buy.

Sennheiser Sensation

8.) WOW 2012 Wall Calendar from Amazon.com.  This is supposed to be one of the most beautiful calendars produced by WOW so far…maybe even worthy of framing. Each month features a different WOW leader.

Cata Calendar

9.) and 10.)  Printwarcraft.com is another destination for custom-made WOW items.  You can design a mousepad for your toon or custom poster.  You can add all kinds of things like your faction symbol or the Warcraft logo as well as choose from lots of cool backgrounds.
Note: You have to sign in on this website, so not sure what the shipping policy is for Christmas.

Custom made WOW