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I only have a few 85s I am gearing for raiding right now. But yesterday I decided to go ahead and transmog a few toons I am not playing that much just for fun.

I love mixing and matching gear.  Complete sets are so yesterday!  So check out some of the pairings I have made:

CHATMAY, 85 Warlock

Looking Bad*&$

This is the same outfit I posted a month or two ago except I had to add a staff to the outfit instead of the dagger and offhand.

Ellenoria, 85 Druid

Blue Christmas

Heroes Dreamwalker shoulders and gloves with some other items.

Magdakine, 85 Shaman

Eyepatch Intrigue

I almost went set with this one, mixing three pieces of Wrathfin with various other gear and accessories.

Meridia, 85 Priest

Priest Power

Used two pieces of the Incarnate set with other pieces including the Metanoia staff.

Abyssinia, 85 DK

Deathly Sexiness

My husband thinks that it is bizarre making a deathknight look sexy, but I wanted to give her a change of pace.  Completely mix and matched.

Phillippa, 85 Paladin

Golden Child

This outfit was difficult to match without farming gold gear, but I finally did it!  I was a little angry that I had to buy a gold mace because the game will not let you transmog a gold 2h axe over a 2h mace, which is what I am currently using.