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From December 1-15, The WOW Debutante held a Transmog Fashion Design Contest between three WOW bloggers.

The three contestants were:

1) Kirina’s Closet, where you can find pictures of RP outfits and a forums group for asking questions (link not working today for some reason).  My score for Kirina was 9/10.

2) Kamalia Et Alia– shaman and alts blog.  My score was 8/7.

3) Effraeti’s RP– an RP blog with different fun articles about WOW.  My score was 8/9.

The winner was chosen by my vote and the reader vote, and the winner was… KIRINA

Swamp Thang

Kirina will win custom made WOW Coasters from DaintyCreations (on etsy).

Also, I did a random roll in game between 1-15 for the comments prize, the Grim Campfire lootcard.


And the winner was…PEPPRICA

 I will be in contact with the two winners today.  Thanks to everyone who participated!