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It’s too late to hold this event for 2011, but I wanted to tell you about a cool guild event I heard about during the holidays.  It could be held during Christmas or any time during the year really.

The event was held by <Better Class of Losers> on horde side, Nathrezim server.  The GM,  Vespâ, and the officers made lots of “vouchers” (saved in-game mail letters) and filled a whole tab with them.

Voucher Tab

Then they posted these instructions on their forums site:

Your friendly BCoL Staff is pleased to announce the first annual Christmas event!

Here’s how it will work:

1. It will be over the span of 3 days: Friday/Saturday/Sunday (23rd, 24th, 25th)

2. The officers and some members have been donating items to give out as gifts or guild bank funds have been used…hence why you can’t see the 6th tab right now unless you’re a Warrant Officer or above!

3. The first tab of the guild bank will be completely emptied out and “vouchers” (really letters from the mailbox, but it works) placed in all of the slots.

4. Everyone will be able to withdraw ONE voucher per a day (this is on per a player, not a character even though your alts may have permissions to that tab). Make sure you withdraw the voucher on your main so we can keep track.

5. You withdraw the voucher, give it to an officer and you get your present (you can only redeem one present during the event, but you get up to 3 tries to get an item you can use)!

6. If you get a voucher of something you can’t use (like a companion) then give it to an officer to put back in the guild bank and you can withdraw again the next day to try your luck once more. You only have 3 chances so make sure it’s something you really don’t want or can’t use! Again – you can only redeem one present (this is on per a person). DON’T ABUSE IT!

7. If we find this being abused in any way (i.e. withdrawing on multiple characters or trying to get more than one gift) then you will get to enjoy the dunce rank until after Christmas.

Here is an example of a voucher someone made…so if you redeemed it, you would get five truegold.  All the prizes were on a hidden guild bank tab to make the event more fun.  No one knew what the prizes were!

Voucher Example

According to Vespâ, “We had everything from a Vial of the Sands to Alliance Argent Tournament pets to red gems to truegold.  We even had a bunch of vouchers for people to get 50% off of the GP for their next item and some for the person to get 250g or 40 fortune cookies.”

On Monday once the guild event was over the officers were able to pick three prizes from what was left over.  They plan to sell the rest of the stuff at 1/2 the AH price or sold on the AH to get some of their funds back.

Awesome idea guys!