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Casual/social horde guild <Radical Dreamers> on Eonar started a contest yesterday that is still open to anyone who wants to partcipate… the first person to level a toon to 85 wins!  The prize is 2000g PLUS fast flight!

Leveling Goblins

The GM toon is Ushiko, a Tauren Druid, “Dreamweaver” rank.  The guild’s name is after a song from the 80’s from an old game called “Chrono Trigger.” The ranks are named after other songs with the word Dream in it.  New members are “Little Dreamers” and the next step up, member 2 is “Day Dreamer,” while member 3 is “Dreamer;” all songs from different eras.  As for raiders…they are “Dream Raiders,” which is a song from an anime.


The contest is being held to increase membership but also for a fun way to get new alts leveled.  The guild consists of 97 alts and around 20-25 actual members.   Many are female.  Guild level is very close to 10.  It has gotten that high very quickly, and they are hoping it will move on up just as quickly once we get more people in the guild.  According to officer Roseshadow, once you make 85 you are under no obligation to stay in the guild.  You can transfer to your favorite server, but they hope you will stay around.


The rules are simple- your toon must be 25 or lower and you can use dungeon runs, PVP, or whatever gets you to 85 the quickest.  However, absolutely no BOAs nor recruit a friend can be used.  Enchants and gem are allowed.

There are also prizes for 2nd and 3rd place as well as all participants:
2nd place – A full set of 8 Raptor mini-pets
3rd place – A full set of Winter Veil pets
Participant – to be determined

Here are some names of contacts for the guild:
GM- Ushiko, Steerah, Minoah
Officer Roseshadow, also Angel
Officer Maev and many other toons including Ripcar
Officer Cookie- Evilcookie, Mootherudder, Oreo and Cookies
Officer Moo

Good luck Dreamers!