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My guild is getting ready for a fun fashion show event.  We had one for giggles last year, and it was a huge success… so here we go again.

I didn’t win last year, so I have decided to up the stakes for myself and actually come up with some new outfits.  To start this process, I decided I needed to write down all the WOW gear pieces I have accumulated over the past several years.

I started keeping gear around level 70 when I started to role-play (RP).  I have always had problems with bag space, but since then it has REALLY been a problem.  I have often had to part with an outfit to make room for new ones.  I don’t RP anymore, but everyone on my server knows I like to keep up my appearances.

I didn’t really realize what a mess I had until I started writing it down.  Chatmay has a total of FORTY-NINE chest pieces and THIRTY-THREE helms not to mention all the other slots.  Including weapons, offhands, and wands, Chat has a total of 189 gear pieces.  (this does not include tabards, which I do not collect)

Here is a screenshot of my bank and bags.  As you can see, I only have a few spaces left open in my bags as usual.  I have about 2 columns full of void storage as well.  Note I did not show two bags, which are my engineering and mining bags.    (considering dumping the mining stuff for more gear!)

Chatmay's Closet

Many people have suggested that I get an addon for keeping up with gear, which I think might be highly likely for me soon.  Anyways, wish me luck for the fashion show, and if you have any outfit ideas let me know!