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Yesterday I found out that several of the WOW blogger community are participating in what has been called “12 in 12.”

The idea, created by the Amateur Azerothian, is to get 2012 levels in 2012!  Sounds crazy right?  Scary thing is, you can see at the bottom of his blog post that several participants are ALREADY at 70% of their goal or higher.

I am highly considering taking the challenge except for one problem.  My 85s are on three accounts, and the rules state that they must all be from ONE account.

So today I added up all my toons including all the lowbie noobs on Chatmay’s account.  And trust me, I have a ton of lowbie noobs.

Here is what I came up with:

49 toons
20 servers
1174 levels

The class breakdown is: 7 warlocks, 5 mages, 4 rogues, 5 hunters, 3 warriors, 5 paladins, three DKs (which only count as half their level), 4 druids, 3 shamans

Woot for warlocks!

The race breakdown is: 9 humans, 6 nightelves, 9 draneis, 4 gnomes, 0 goblins, 12 bloodelves, 4 tauren, 1 dwarf, 0 orcs, 2 undead, 2 trolls, 0 worgen

This is amusing because I have yet to get a bloodelf over level 20.  I tried, I really did.

So let me know if you are doing 12 for 12 and whether I should try.  I mean after all, it is 12 months of playing WOW….