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I don’t subscribe to a lot of blogs.  Mainly because I don’t like checking my email all the time (it’s a mess) or reading blogs there.  However, I do subscribe to a few, and I also often check my site stats to see where my readers are coming from.

So this week, I have been “tagged” by at least four WOW bloggers in what they are calling the “Sixth Challenge.”

I was tagged by:
1. Kamalia Et Alia
2. The Pugnacious Priest
3. Martha.net
4. Chronicles of Mia 

The rules are:
1. Go into your image folder
2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image
3. Publish the image! (and a few words would not hurt, though I dare say I couldn’t stop a blogger from adding a few words of their own)
4. Challenge six new bloggers.
5. Link to them

This challenge excited me (kind of sad lol).  It really did!  What follows is a bit long, but here goes….

I went to my image folder, went to my 6th sub-folder…WTH? What is this folder I have never even heard of- IPOD PHOTO CACHE.  And since my Ipod has been broken forever, it was EMPTY!!!

I discovered this early on, and I even responded to Kamalia and Pugnacious that I couldn’t post a picture.  But I keep getting tagged!

So I looked around to see how I could do this, BUT:

I do not have six sub-folders in most of the places I store pictures! lol (also a mess)

I lost a ton of pictures on my computer recently btw trying to get them to an external drive that didn’t work right.

I went to a different pictures folder, and the 6th sub-folder was pictures my Mom accidentally put on my computer.

And then… I went past those (cheating I know), and the 6th subfolder/6th picture was of my Mom and family.  I have been ordered to never post any pictures of my Mom online, so that one was out too.

So, I am breaking the rules a bit.

OK so I am breaking the rules completely… I am kind of following Martha’s lead and picking where I actually store my pictures to show you.

Here is what I have:

Sixth Screenshot from My WOW Photobucket Folder:

Testing a new UI

This is my priest, Meridia, and a UI I was making for her.  This was still in test phase, and you can see I have lots of overlapping boxes at the time.

Sixth Screenshot from my WOW Screenshots Folder:

Guildies in Stormwind

This one is pretty funny.  Someone in my guild scheduled a guild photo on the calendar…the day before.  Needless to say, only a few showed up.  But to be fair, it would be hard to get all of my guildies on at one time anyways.

SEVENTH Picture in my Jennifer/Downloads Folder

Does this really need a caption?

I have the worst luck.  I really wanted to post the sixth picture, but it is artwork done by an friend who sells prints of it.  I don’t think he would appreciate me putting it here for everyone to download.  So I went with the seventh picture.

I had this Beatles photo because I wanted to compare a WOW screenshot I made to it…here is the screenshot (for a contest we did):

My Beatles shot

So, last but not least…I am tagging some new bloggers, some loyal readers/bloggers, and some bloggers that are back from writing breaks.  Click their links and show them some support!

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