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Well, you’ve seen my silly entry for the Holiday category… what else happened at <The East Kingdom> Fashion Show- 2?

Mirahna was back to win, and she did win three categories including best color theme.  This outfit was in red, plus she performed with all her mounts, pets, and companions:

Red Theme

For best NPC in the Game Costume, we had Margause dress up as Ysera.  It was an awesome costume, and she rode away on the new dragon mount:

Ysera Outfit

We also had some guys participating in the show.  Picorian won best Faction Representation category as “Alliance.”  He had a blue helm on with it, but he has it hidden in this picture:

Alliance Paladin

I won’t post a picture of the outfit, but besides Holiday category I also won Profession Category  by dressing up as Inspector Chatmay. goblin engineer.  My performance included: using Mithril Mechanial Dragonling, Goblin Construction Helmet’s field, High-Powered Flashlight, Goblin Rocket Boots, a frost grenade, and my belt’s invisibility field.

I was edged out of one of the final categories, Best Showmanship, by Mildread.  Based on several cute costumes and funny dwarf performances, she carried home the prize.  This is her as a Pygmy Overlord:

Ooggaa Booogaaa

If you are interested in hosting a fashion show yourself, here is the video I made of the categories we used for this one:

Thanks to everyone who participated!