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It’s not March Madness- it’s Mog Madness!  In other words, a new blogger contest…this time held by Amateur Azerothian, Effraeti’s RP, and Tome of The Ancient.

Here are some of the rules/guidelines:

  • Mog Madness will consist of five rounds.
  • The first round will be two weeks, with the remaining four rounds one week each.
  • There will be a “Mog build” criteria for each round that will be announced at the start of each round.
  • Each participant is allowed one entry per round.
  • Your submission can be an in-game screenshot, or a shot from a program such as MogIt.
  • The judges will look at overall thoughts, creativity, and originality to give each entry a score, and the top scores will move on each round until the finals.

The first round of Mog Madness is CLOTH, my favorite!

So here is my new priest transmog for Meridia:

Beachy Keen

It’s a very watery themed look:

Side View

I used-

Crown of Burning Waters
Shoulderpads of Absoultion
Vestments of Absolution
Duskweave Gloves
Historian’s Sash
Guiding Star
Coldarra Crystal

Healing for Mog Madness!

Pick me baby