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Getting a legendary weapon from any version of WOW has and still does take a lot of work!  So our guild decided to throw a party for the first guildie we have had to get the Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest staff.  Her name is Moodie.

My details are sketchy, but first we gathered in the cathedral area for the legendary quest turn-in.  Moodie was put on a disc, and she floated upwards into the sky to a giant dragon.  Then beams shot out everywhere:

Unveiling of a legendary

Many of our guildies were in the air with Moodie on our flying mounts to cheer her on.  These are the guild achievements we got:

We are now Legendary!

After all of this, we landed in the cathedral area and had a fireworks show.  We shot basic WOW fireworks, snake burst fireworks, festival fireworks, Dalaran fireworks, and cluster fireworks.  We also laid feasts and kegs as well as my ogre pinata.

Fireworks show

We then flew as a group to dwarven and trade areas to cheer on Moodie.

Thanks to everyone in my guild who has helped with Firelands since it came out.  We still have more working on the staff, but this was a moment to remember.  Plus we get the companion pet now!

Celebration over Stormwind for Moodie