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There are constantly holiday events going on in WOW.  There are two this month- Noblegarden and Children’s Week.  Most players do a lot of these achievements on their own, but it is fun to take at least one achievement from a holiday and turn it into a guild event!

I will divide the types of holiday events I have hosted into a few categories.  The first is:

This is basically meeting somewhere together to do a major holiday achievement that takes more than one player.  Some examples are:

1) The Maquerade (Hallow’s Eve)- being wanded by other toons ~ see picture
2) Shake Your Bunny Maker (Noblegarden)- putting bunny ears on toons
3) Sharing is Caring (Pilgrim’s Bounty)- pass food around a table

Wanding Time on Bronzebeard

Most of these don’t take very long (30 minutes), and it is great to knock these out without having to hunt down players that you need.

A few holidays have some PVP requirement.  This is fun to do on a PVP server of course, but it’s even better to group on a PVE server if you aren’t used to PVP.  Some of these are:

1) Destroying horde bonfires for Midsummer Holiday
2) School of Hard Knocks (Children’s Week)- orphan in BGs
3) With a Little Help.… (Winter Veil) – 50 HKs as a helper

For Lunar Festival you have to collect coins from each zone, and for Midsummer you put out fires.  To do this as a guild, you can gather up two-person mounts or just escort lowbies to each zone.  Or you can group with others your level and go as a group to get each one.  Here is a picture of when we took some lowbies across Eastern Kingdom one year:

Between Burning Steppes and Searing Gorge

Some of the holidays have a “boss” that takes five people to defeat.  You can group up with others your level to que together over and over one night.  Or, make things interesting and take players who aren’t max level yet (check minimum level on wowhead)… you have to travel to the entrance, but you can help them get some epics before they even max out!

So get cracking!  Doing all the holiday achievements gets you a mount! 😀