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Since the facebook header came out, I have focused on family or kids pictures.  But today I wanted to make a WOW Model Viewer group shot of my toons.  I mean hey, all my friends are doing it (:P).

The problem I had is all my friends know photoshop.  I do not, plus I am pretty stubborn about not learning it.

So I was instructed how to make a shot without using photoshop.  You basically load a toon, save a screenshot, load as background, load another character, repeat.   (Did I say stubborn?)

I decided to do this with eight of my toons, so I knew this would be a little tedious. Here is the end result, though:

Mine I tell you! All mine!

So I had a little help.  Gingerbell sent me the alliance background.  Oreocookie did the text (in photoshop) after I was finished.  I did find one major mistake- my paladin’s eyes are closed. 😦  Notice I also had to use her without shoulderpads because they squeezed her face so much.

The main problem now though?  It is a square, not a rectangle!  So it doesn’t even fit in the header space! GAH!!!!

Oh well.  I tried.

PS: I may crop some of them out.