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Challenge from Navimie on The Daily Frostwolf blog: transmog your toon as a superhero or villain

Technically I have already done this, but it is an old post… Chatmay was Poison Ivy from Batman last Halloween.

Comics Version

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Catwoman and Harley Quinn.  That being said, I dressed up as Poison Ivy last year because I wanted to do something with all my green cloth pieces.  Also because I could go to the barber shop and come out with long, red hair!

Here is another shot of the Poison Ivy I was going for:

So Sexy

Perfect for sultry Chatmay!  So this is how my outfit turned out:

Chat as Poison Ivy

If you want more details, here is the link to the previous post.  It tells what pieces of gear I used and has a 2nd screenshot using a different top….