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Yay! I have finally been tagged for Mog Busting!…um a week ago at least. :O

Hey I’m a mom, I was kind of busy! Promise!

Anyways, Mog Busting was started by Shoryl of Tiny WOW Guild.  (original post)  Bascially I have to create a transmog outfit for a WOW blogger’s toon based on their character preferences and background.

I was tagged by Erinys of The Harpy’s Nest blog.  Here is the info I was provided:

Hunter named Twiceshy… likes to tailor her outfits to her pets, and since she’s about to head off on a mission to tame Chromaggus, she would love a suitable ensemble to wear out on the town with him.

When it comes to weapons, she’s most definitely a bow girl, crossbows if needs must…but never, ever guns. She is also quite partial to kilts but will also happily wear trousers or shorts.

Being ever so slightly feral, a side effect of being bitten and hanging out with animals all day long, showing skin doesn’t bother her at all. She doesn’t raid however, but everything else (i.e. not lv 85 raid content) is fair game.

I didn’t think the picture of Chromaggus on Petopia was very good, so I got my husband’s hunter out and checked him.  He is actually a purple and light grey pet, not brown as it appears on petopia.

Actual Pet

The next thing I did was check leatherworking patterns for some purple pants.  I found the Netherfury set and fell in love with it.  Unfortunately, it is only pants, boots, and a belt…nothing else.

So I had already disregarded the kilt info…sorry!  I also decided to disregard the showing skin info…this is Chromaggus we’re talking about honey, not your boyfriend.  In other words, these teeth marks might not go away!

As someone you trusted with this transmog, I hereby reserve the right to protect human (um or worgen) skin from damage!  So please accept the long sleeved chest and the padded helmet.  Here is the entire outfit:

Purple Mail from Front

I didn’t notice until finished with the outfit that Twiceshy is only level 63, so you have a bit of work to do before you can attain all of this outfit… here are the components and where to get them:

 I used silverish gray in the chest, bow, and cloak especially to play off Chromaggus’s bindings.  The pointy stick should come in handy if he refuses to budge or starts to trample innocent watchers.
Here is the back:

Purple Mail from Back

Anyways Erinys, hope you like the transmog!  Hopefully the wish list isn’t too ridiculous….  And good luck with that new pet!


OOPS I forgot to tag another blogger!  I am tagging Dizzy of Dizzy’s Dressing Room.  (challenge was not accepted)

5/20/12:  Trying again, tagging Rades of  Orcish Army Knife.  Do Chatmay proud!

Here is my info/guidelines:

Chatmay at Lv 80

Chatmay is a longtime resident of Stormwind City and war veteran.  She is known most of all for being a social butterfly and party hostess extraordinaire.  Rebel and wild-child in her younger days, she has mellowed out a bit in her middle-aged years, but she still knows how to have fun.  And even though she is known as friendly and outgoing in public, she occasionally makes a statement that it is not to be forgotten that she is a warlock.

Chatmay usually wears robes and loves ones that expose midriff or back.  Pants/tops are ok as long as they are stylish.  She rarely wears helms that show the neck but hide all of her hair (ew), but she does like hoods and masks.

Chatmay has recently acquired a dagger called Runesong Dagger, and is looking for something to wear with it.  She won the dagger when greatly outnumbered, so she wants the outfit to be a reminder to everyone – don’t mess with me.

Please make sure to list items for both hand slots (or main hand if staff) as well as a wand.