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When I was young, we always had a school field day with races before the end of each year.

I decided to use that idea for our 2012 guild spring party.  I held the event in a wide-open space in Mulgore.  One of our events was a relay race.

In order to do the relay race, I had to assign the attendants into three teams of three.  I gave out colored shirts to each player- red team, white team, and purple team.  These were all crafted by my tailor.  Each player had to take off armor if needed so their shirt was showing.

Each team had a captain, and the other teammates lined up behind them.  The team captains were each given a throwing item that had to be tossed to each team member (and to me at the end).  These items in game could include Happy Fun Rock, Voodoo Skull, or Small Paper Zeppelin.

We had two judges stand on either side of the starting line, and I stood at the turning point, which was a large tree:

Shown from turning point

The red team won first place, and each team member was given a prize.

Red team with the winning throw