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In my previous spring party post, I did not mention the outfits I wore…so here they are!

Chatmay is my main as well as guildleader.  She wore:

Before the Party

Felheart Horns
Elegant Robes
Spire of Sunset
Gossamer Gloves

If you don’t have the Spire weapon, you could substitute the Dreamseeker Dandelion offhand.

Then there is Druid Gaga, our guild mascot.  Her spring party outfit used yet another stand-out helm- this time Stylin’ Purple Hat.

Before the Party on Ellenoria

The outfit also included:

Bandit Jerkin
Warbear Woolies
Sandals of the Insurgent
Waterworn Handguards
Red Sparkler (not shown)

Here is another picture of the Druid Gaga outfit at the party location:

Bust a Move