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We had already had a legendary staff party a few months ago, so we wanted to do something different last week for Sardine, our first guildie to get the legendary daggers.

The staff party was pretty easy because of the show that happens in Stormwind, but the dagger quest is soloed.  So we decided to put on a show of our own.  My husband wrote a comedic skit that takes place between Wrathion and Sardine.

During the skit, Sardine must defeat Chat’mog and the Crazy 88s.  We performed this fun part where the skit notes, pairing Sardine with a healer just in case (he had to win).  He took on the Crazy 88s first then Chat’mog, just like the movie Kill Bill.

We were going to hold the party in Gurubashi Arena in STV, but some of us were phased because of the Zandalari quests.  So we moved the party to Nagrand Arena.

Here is the text:

[Wrathion flys in]

[Rogue]: /e surprise

[Wrathion]: The Red Flight’s hero has arrived.

[Wrathion]: Just as expected.

[Wrathion]: You came looking for an egg. I bet you did not expect to see me here in its place. You should be ware of things you seek but don’t understand mortal.

[Rogue]: Well, not really. You see I was supposed to be looking for an egg, yeah. But the chick up there in the Highlands said something about it being over in Gilneas somewhere… and about some guy…

[Wrathion]: /e [Rogue] curious

[Rogue]: I think she was really wanting me to whack an ex or something… anyway… I was on my way over there.

[Wrathion]: /e impatient

[Rogue]: But, thinking about eggs made me hungry. And, this place was on the way. I really didn’t..

[Wrathion]: Yes, yes, yes. Very well. You’re here. And you have pointy things in your hands. I’m sure you’ll do what is necessary.

[Rogue]: For who?

[Wrathion]: For me.

[Rogue]: Huh?

[Wrathion]: Can you just shut up for a minute and let me finish?!

[Wrathion]: /e contempt

[Wrathion]: /e breath

[Wrathion]: As you know my father is none to pleased to know of my freedom.

[Rogue]: /e confused
[Wration]: /e @[Rogue] glare
[Rogue]: /e embarassed

[Wrathion]: But my freedom WILL remain. My father may be angry. He may be insane. He may be late in his alimony payments. But he is not afraid. And he should be… very.. VERY afraid.

[Rogue]: Of?

[Wrathion]: Of, the cost of gasoline. It’s going to be very expensive to burn down the world at these prices.. OF ME YOU IDIOT! WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

[Rogue]: Oh, I didn’t know.

[Wrathion]: Of course not. You’re just a pawn in this game.

[Wrathion]: But… while I have been here… holed up in this place… I have been plotting and devising. I have come up the means to my deliverance. The ultimate weapon against my father. And you will be the carrier of my weapon.

[Rogue]: Oh, no! I’ve already been to the priest and that was embarassing enough. I don’t want no part of any kinky stuff.

[Wrathion]: No, no. This weapon is not biological… although that is a good idea.. I haven’t thought of tha.. No, this is a weapon of steel and chaos!

[Rogue]: /e gasp An upgrade? Dude! Can I get Landslide on it?

[Wration]: Yes, a weapon upgrade. We can talk about the enchant later. But back to the subject.

[Wration]: In order to create this, I need you to gather materials for me. Things of difficult means and deadly consequences should you fail. There are still those of my kind… alive… and scheming. Servants of my father’s madness. With them there are objects that I may use to bind together… Objects that I task you to obtain. I will not be satisfied with petty thievery. Take them from the lifeless hands of my bretheren… the ones you shall slaughter in my name.

[Rogue]: That sounds like the hard way to do it..

[Wrathion]: Didn’t I say “Shut up?”! SHUT UP!!

[Rogue]: …

[Wrathion]: For your task…

[Wration]: *starts slowly pacing around*

[Wrathion]: You must first face the dreaded doer of evil Ch’at Mog and defeat her army of minions.. known by their feared name The Crazy 88s

[Rogue]: /e gasp

[Rogue]: Cool! So I get a Hanzo sword for all this? That’s the upgrade? Man! That’s awesome!

[Wrathion]: No, you will have other weapons. Daggers of legendary proportions bestowed into your lethal hands! These weapons will be the most feared objects in the history of this world! By weilding them you will become legend itself!

[Rogue]: But, a Hanzo sword would be soooo epic!

[Wrathion]: And my name is NOT Hattori Hanzo! You’ll get what I make and you’ll like it!

[Rogue]: I can use a sword though… Can you make one of those instead? I’ll go Combat spec. I really would…

[Wrathion]: I said NO! You’re getting the Fangs of the Father and that’s that!

[Rogue]: /e disappointed

[Rogue]: … Yeah, ok… but a Hanzo sword would be… you know… cooler.

[Wrathion]: WELL GO FARM UN’GORO OR THE AH! BEGONE FROM MY SIGHT!! Do not return to me until you have defeated the dread Ch’at Mog and her Crazy 88. I demand a tribute of her scruffy toe lint as part of the materials I need to craft your weapons.

[Wrathion]: I shall teleport you there. Be wary the Ch’at Mog is fierce… and looks even fiercer with all that mogging. Don’t be taken off guard.

(PVP battle with Chat’mog and the Crazy 88s)

…. later …..

[Wrathion]: So… you’ve brought the toe lint as I had asked…

[Wrathion]: …

[Wrathion]: …

[Wrathion]: And you’ve brought somes toes along with it.

[Rogue]: Yeah… sorry about that. It was kinda hard to see in there.. and blood was kinda all over the pl..

[Wrathion]: /emote pops a toe in his mouth for a snack.

[Rogue]: /e gasp

[Wrathion]: Tasty! I’d forgotten I skipped lunch.

[Wrathion]: Anyways, excellent work, yadadada, and all that good stuff. You’ve proven that a single skilled assassin can strike a decisive blow where a whole army may fail.

[Rogue]: Whopppee!

[Wrathion]: Yeah, ok, take your legendaries and get out of here already!

The end

Here are some screenshots of the event.

Sardine and Kester as Wrathion

Audience for the skit

Chat’Mog and the Crazy 88s

I will be posting details about the Wrathion and Chat’mog costumes later this week!