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Here is another entry from me for 15 Days of Screenshots list on World of Saz.

12. Inspiring Imagery
Show us something that inspires you within World of Warcraft. This can be a character, a person, scenery that leaves you in aw, or whatever it is that strikes a cord in you. The inspiration it creates can be anything as well: Has this character inspired you to roll a certain class? Does a certain zone make you long to write a story about your character adventuring through that particular area?

When I was a child, I would say I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up.  Maybe that is why I like these two screenshots… they both feature planets or moons in the skyline.

I like the idea that a character is flying off on his or her mount surrounded by this planetary atmosphere.  I also like the streaks of light through the sky in the second shot.

Hubby in Netherstorm during BC

I think this is Hellfire Peninsula

Unfortunately I do not appreciate screenshots enough to write a story about anything, so you will have to make do with the pictures. lol.