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I have wanted to host a WOW Guild Survivor event for a LONG time… finally it has started!

First I had to get my guildies interested in the contest because I needed ten contestants that could commit to two nights.  So a few of us farmed mats and got guild bank funding to make a Mekgineer’s Chopper as the prize.  I also constantly mentioned the event in guild chat and the guild facebook group to get sign-ups.

Next I came up with what the challenges would be.  I researched the Survivor TV show online and modified some of the actual challenges to work in WOW.  I also had to come up with winner rewards, which of my toons to park at each location, and the order of events.

Last, I wrote a complete script out in a notebook of everything that would be directed on vent.  I wanted to make sure ALL rules and directions were written out so there would be no getting around them or anything forgotten to be mentioned.

Right before we started the event last night, I decided who would be on each tribe.  I wanted to try to make the teams even as much as possible so I mixed raiders with non-raiders and had no more than two of the same class on a team (this may or may not be possible for you).

So here is a summary of what happened during our first night of Survivor.  I unfortunately forgot to make screenshots until the end, but I will eventually be making a FRAPS video.

– The red shirt team named themselves The Santa Brigade consisting of:
1) Poonedman- ret pally
2) Wolfyports- mage
3) Dwamli- ret pally
4) Everiel- holy priest
5) Bigbearface- druid

– The blue shirt team named themselves Poon-Slayers consisting of:
1) Imorph- feral druid
2) Anarius- ret pally
3) Wynlock- hunter
4) Salvations- pally
5) Lukethorcozz- DK

Everyone was allowed two pieces of gear to wear at the beginning – no weapons, trinkets, or engineering-buffed items were allowed.  Minions and hunter pets were dismissed.  The two tribes were summoned by myself and another judge to The Ruins of Feathermoon in Feralas.

CHALLENGE 1- Island Race
Everyone lined up next to a large rock on the North side of the island (in the water).  The challenge was to race around the island one time, stop for a buff (we used blessing of kings) at the rock, then race around again.  The first team with four members back would win.  The first back overall would get a reward, and the last member of each team back would be eliminated.

Rules- No mounts, no swim or run speed increases of any kind, no walking on water.  You may swim or run on the beach, but the island must not be crossed.  (We had a third judge watching for this on the South side of the island.)

Results- Most of the race was the same people ahead because everyone was running on the beach, so I added a twist towards the end that they had to swim from the broken pier to the rock.  I don’t know if that changed anything or not.  Dwamli was first overall and received A Treatise on Strategy book.  Wolfyports and Imorph out.

CHALLENGE 2- Chess Battle
(this is what we had planned to do, but one team was glitched and couldn’t get into the raid without being teleported out, so we had to move this challenge to VOA- see results for details)
We had a few people get saved to Karazhan right before the chess event.  Our plan was to have each team do the chess event, and the fastest time would win.
The winning team will each get a reward, but both teams go to tribal council after this event and vote for one player to leave.

Results- Since we had to move this to VOA, I had to allow everyone to put their gear back on.  I allowed fish feast buff and a tank pally aura for each team, but no other buffs including hunter aspect were allowed.  I added a judge to each team, but going back I would not do that…one team thought Poon-Slayers had an advantage because my healer went with them.  Just keep judges out and have the first team that exits the raid with the bosses down the winner would be my advice. In the end, it didn’t really matter too much if either team had an advantage- all I gave as a reward to the winners were some smoke flares, and both teams still had to vote someone off.  This challenge was mainly for fun and helping everyone decide who they wanted to vote off.
Poon-Slayers won with Salvations and Everiel being removed from the tribes.

CHALLENGE 3- Cozy Fire Race
We got the remaining tribe members to Darkshore for the last challenge of the night and went back to the two pieces of gear rule.  The tribes had one member assigned to each of three different locations- Grove of the Ancients as the starting point, Eye of the Vortex (top of the hill), and the end of the pier at Ruins of Auberdine.  This foot-race was sort of like a relay race with each team member having to lay down a cooking fire (make sure everyone has trained cooking before the event) to signal the next team member to take off.  The finishing point was the flight path at Lor’danel.  Everyone on the winning team gains immunity.  The losing team votes off another member from their team.

Rules- No run speed bonuses of any kind, no mounts.  Must take the road North as your path.  Each member must wait for the fire to be down before leaving their spot.
Lukethorcozz was voted off, leaving two members on the Poon-Slayers.

Second checkpoint after fires had been laid down

The remaining five were given two minutes to reform as a new lavender tribe with a new name.  They named themselves Imorph-Slayers.  The remaining five- Poonedman, Anarius, Wynlock, Bigbearface, and Dwamli- will be competing against each other as individuals on the second night of the event.

Stay tuned for more Survivor news after tonight!