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After the awesome first night we had with our first ever Guild Survivor contest, it was time for night two!

Before night two started, I had to first mail the remaining contestants a few things: a lavender shirt, one piece of buff food, and five jugs of bourbon.  The food and drinks were for that night’s challenges.

Then I had to move a few toons around to the new locations as well as toons to film with on FRAPS.  (I do not recommend trying to make decent FRAPS movies while dual-boxing, total pain.)

The final five contestants- Wynlock, Anarius, Dwamli, Poonedman, and Bigbearface- were welcomed back with a summon to Jaguero Island in Stranglethorn Vale.  They were again reduced to only two pieces of clothing gear – no weapons, trinkets, or engineering or run speed buffed gear.

Final five before the first challenge

CHALLENGE 1- Fight for Food
The objective of this contest is to race from the top of Jaguero Island to the first pirate boat (South).  You must board the boat, eat your food until you get a buff, then race back to our starting point.  The trick to this race was supposed to be that everyone was PVP flagged and allowed to do what I referred to as “annoyance PVP” to each other in the combat zone, which was the island and the boat.

Rules- The players were told that they could interrupt someone eating with one unarmed punch.  They were also allowed to use knockback spells and CC spells like stun, sheep, etc.  Since we are on a PVE server, I made the rule that if anyone killed another player during the challenge, it would immediately end with the killer being the one eliminated… we did not want any deaths.  (If you are on a PVP server and want to do this contest, you could certainly change this to full-blown PVP…up to you.) Once players leave the combat area, no more PVP is allowed.  The first player back gets immunity and a reward.  The other four players go to tribal council to vote someone off.
Other rules were… no mounts, no swimming or running buffs, no water walking.  I had one judge on the boat, one on the island, and I covered the Jaguero Island portion.

Results-  For whatever reason, even though all contestants left party and were PVP flagged- they were not allowed to attack other alliance in this area.  Kind of a bummer, but some of the contestants were kept busy enough fighting the pirates on the boat.  I didn’t note who came in first, but the reward was just a fun potion – elixir of giant growth.  Wynlock was votes out during tribal council.

CHALLENGE 2- Walk the Plank
The second summon was to a boat in Vengeance Landing, Howling Fjord.  One at a time, the remaining four had to first fly up to the boat mast, drink their five bourbons to get the smashed buff and blurry monitor, and then run (no walking) the mast up and down until they fall off.  The player with the shortest amount of time on the mast/plank is eliminated.  I used the stopwatch on the minimap clock to time them.

Dwamli doing his walk

Results- Dwamli out.  Ironic for a dwarf.

CHALLENGE 3- Cross-Country Race
The players then accepted a summon to the far left pier of Stormwind Harbor.  They  were instructed to first jump into the water and swim to Westfall.  Once there, they had to use their riding mount to travel to Moonbrook and find a one of my alts who was hidden in a building.  The last one to arrive is eliminated.

Rules- No swim speed buffs, no water walking, no flying mounts.  I had a judge on the Westfall beach and another judge watching from that point to Moonbrook.

Results- Bigbearface eliminated.

CHALLENGE 4- Battle of the Minds!
The final two contestants, Poonedman and Anarius, accepted the final summon to Nesingwary Camp in Sholazar, specifically the area surrounded by tents in front of Nesingwary himself.  Using the stopwatch again, I gave the two players one minute exactly to look around this area (from Nesingwary to the tombstone-like markers in front, and from the tent on the left to the one on  the right).  The goal: to be able to answer the most questions right about what they observe.

Rules- They can talk to the NPCs and walk around.  After one minute is up, they have to hearth.  All quiz answers are whispered to the leader (me).

The Questions:
1) How many beds were in the inn tent?
2) What is the pet alligator’s name?
3) What race is the toon with the apple on his head?
4) Korg’s cleaver is in what- a fruit or a veggie?
5) What does the stable master sell?

Results- Believe it or not, it was a tie (!) with both players getting four questions right.  I was a little shocked, but fortunately I had prepared a tie-breaker question, which was:
How many animal skulls are piled around the tents?
The player with the guess closest to the answer would be the winner.


Grats to Anarius, who now has a new Mekgineer’s Chopper!  So close!

As I mentioned in the first post, I will be making a short video of this event in the future, but I have to repair that computer before I can start it.

Thanks to everyone from my guild who participated in this event!  Also, thanks to Gingerbell and Secondchanct for assisting me in judging!  Look forward to doing this event again next year!