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Many in the blogging community are still working on their Transmogolympics outfits.  Meanwhile, I have been neglecting my blog!  So time for another 15 Days of Screenshots episode, from the World of Saz challenge.

This time I have selected-

13. A Fond Memory
Shed a little tear, grin a little grin, and show us an image that invokes a fond memory for you. 

Here is the screenshot I have selected for…


Onyxia down at level 60

Lately I have been reminiscing all about Vanilla WOW.  It’s funny how you can miss things that really made the game harder and more difficult to deal with, but I do.

People all the time say to me- why would you miss vanilla when you had to travel on foot everywhere and take twice as long to do every thing?  Well, that is exactly why I miss it….

It took me at least two-three months to get to level 60.  This is opposed to the current leveling to max time of a week or less… I really felt like I was getting my money’s worth from the game!  Plus there was a feeling of exploration and achievement when you even discovered a zone which is missing from the game now.

Then we raided for a very long time after that.  Our guild alliance wasn’t even big enough to do 40-man raids, so we worked our butts off trying to down Zul-Gurub and Ahn-Qiraj bosses without any Molten Core gear.  It was very difficult!  But that is what kept you coming back week after week in my opinion.

For the latter parts of Lich King and Cataclysm expansions, 85s basically just stand around in Stormwind while they que for dungeons or get ready for raids.  But back in Vanilla WOW, there were tons of things to work on besides just getting raid drops.  You could upgrade your tier gear, do timed runs of Stratholme for the mount chance, get your Cenarion rep up in Silithus or your Naxx rep (whatever faction that was) up in Plaguelands… the list goes on and on. (And yes, I am aware that there is plenty to do in the game like this currently, but there is no real incentive to do anything anymore like that unless it involves an achievement or a mount!)

It’s not just missing the basic differences between now and then though, it’s little things that you remember.  Like how you had to make each person in a 25-man raid an individual healthstone or stack of mage food and water to trade them.  Class channels during raid.  Never having a druid in a raid, but always turning away rogues and hunters. Four-six hour (or even more) raids and even Alterac Valley battleground groups that took that long.  Guild loyalty. Looting etiquette in five-mans (even with pugs!)

So anyways, that is my rant for today.  I still miss Vanilla and more so every time they change WOW.  Guess that just makes me an old-timer.