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Tonight I finished the video for The East Kingdom’s Guild Survivor Event from last month.  It is now on youtube as shown here:

So looking back on the event, there were some mistakes made that I would correct if we did the event again.  Also some changes I might make.  I have noted some of these in the previous posts one and two, but here they are again:

1) For the timed raid- I really think Kara chess would have been the most awesome, but we had an entry glitch as well as someone we needed to be there not available if I remember right.  So make sure you have one person from each team do Kara up to chess before the event so it will be ready to go.

For Kara I would send a judge in with the team, but no help should be given.  For what we did though, which was VOA- next time I would not send judges in.  It should just be whichever team comes out first wins.  If one team is missing a healer or a tank from losing this role in the first round, they will have to do the raid without that role.

I would also make some other changes to the timed raid- more of an incentive given to the winning team and maybe a random elimination instead of voting off people so early in the contest.

2) The biggest mistake I made in planning the event was the Food Race for night two.  I don’t know what I was thinking, but I planned a PVP objective for all alliance in a regular zone.  Obviously this was completely wrong.  Any kind of PVP event like this should be in an arena area where everyone is flagged.

3) One thing I noticed when watching the video footage is that in every foot-race the three retribution paladins were in the lead.  Be aware that they are one class that has a speed run talent in their tree.  If I do the contest again, I think I will somehow have to make it where ret paladins (and I think BM hunters?) will have to race in a secondary spec.

Those are the only things I have thought of so far though because it was an awesome event!  Very much fun was had, and I had a great time planning it.