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Epijunky is a mage from my guild, The East Kingdom, on Terokkar.  She has a love for transmog outfits just as I do and has been collecting lots of different outfits since it came out.  Here are a few of my favorite ones:

By Epijunky

(From L to R on top row) –

White and Black:
Head – Shadow Council Cowl
Shoulders – Archmage Mantle
Back – n/a
Chest – Runecloth Robe
Hands – Black Mageweave Gloves
Night Vixen Look:

Head – Black Mageweave Handband
Shoulders – Duskhallow Mantle
Back – Shroud of Dark Memories
Chest – Robes of Rhonin
Hands – Black Mageweave Gloves
Belt – Sash of Relentless Truth
Boots- Arcane Boots
Staff – Staff of Draconic Combat

Mage on Fire:
Head – Cowl of Tirisfal
Shoulders – Mantle of Tirisfal
Back – Illidari Cloak
Chest – Ritual Shroud
Hands – Gloves of Tirisfal
Belt – Eyestalk waist cord
Boots – Black Mageweave Boots
Staff – Twisted Visage

Hooded Look:
Head – Consortium Hood
Shoulders- NA
Chest – Raiments of the Iron Council
Hands – Pulsar Gloves
Belt – Sash of Whispered Secrets
Boots- Arcane Boots
Staff- Engraved Gargoyle Femur

(From L to R on bottom row) –

Hooded Look 2:
Head- Cowl of Tirisfal
shoulders- n/a
Back – Illidari Cloak
Chest – Buccaneer’s Vest
Hands – Gloves of Tirisfal
Legs- Legwraps of the Master Conjurer
Boots – Stone-worn Footwraps
One-Handed Sword- Dimensional Blade *with Fiery Weapon enchant*
Off Hand – Igniter Rod

Epi’s Current Look:
Head- Power Generator Hood
Shoulder – Silver-Thread Amice
Chest – Arcane Robe
Hands – Black Mageweave Gloves
Belt – Sash of Whispered Secrets
Boots – Arcane Boots
Dagger – Blade of Trapped Knowledge

White Look:
Head – Black Mageweave Headband
Shoulders – Amice of Brilliant Light
Back – Shroud of Alteration
Chest – Airfield Defender’s Garb
Hands – Black Mageweave Gloves
Belt – Sash of Whispered Secrets
Boots – Courtier’s Slippers
Staff – Ethereum Life-Staff

You can see from the gear lists that Epi uses some of the same items for multiple outfits (example: black mageweave gloves).  It is good to have some basic pieces of gear in your wardrobe that will match anything.

If you would like to see your outfits featured on my blog, please contact me on facebook or twitter!  Chatters15